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descriptionthis is so weird Emptythis is so weird

alright.. now what is happening? i dont have random people showing up at the moment anymore.. hopefully.. but none of my furniture is showing up.. my avi is sitting on wat is suppose to be the feb. 2011 romantic gazebo in my living room.. and there's an example of wat my hobby room is suppose to look like when everything is actually showing vs right now.. every room is like this and no furniture is showing, like i have my stuff, it's still there, it's just invisible for some reason Question

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i'm a little surprised but still a little concerned this will happen again, and btw it was a hacker who was behind this, simply bcus they don't like this girl who's name i will NOT mention for safety reasons, but anywho, i tried my condo a few times, my friend's and so far so good except for one of them, its still messed up but two out of my three friends' condo's are fine, for now i think. and mine is fine too, i logged out and in to see if it was a fluke, nope so far for me at least, its not. but i would encourage those who are still having this problem to change ur passwords and to turn off the "remember me on this computer" button for safety reasons. hope this helps =)

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A downloaded client means it will be easier to hack, and I suspect bugs over time.

Still worth it Smile ty Ourworld creators for this lovely app
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